Why US IT Solutions services?

We are focused on imparting effective business staffing services through high level cost effective solutions. We have a strong foundation built on legacy and emerging technologies, including excellent track record of on-time delif emerging mobile-based applications and web based application development. We are emerging as one of the most promising private talent sourcing and management firms in the US.

Over time we have excelled in the field as a top-of-mind employment partner, we have developed and perfected a global distribution delivery model. This model helps us source, screen, interview, submit, and employ the highest quality of candidates from a diverse pool of Technology professionals in the best turn-around time.

Advantages of US IT Solutions

US IT Solutions aims to fill that gap by offering a full range of hiring solutions. US IT Solutions Team acts as an extension of your hiring staff by allowing you to:

  • Respond quickly to changing business and technology demands without increasing staff
  • Leverage the collective expertise of our specialized recruitment team
  • Build flexibility
  • Build a proactive pipeline of talent based on your forecast and trend

Customers prefer us due to our proven delivery models and state of the art recruitment technology. Dedicated account managers travel the extra mile to understand your resource requirements and work with the in-house ‘recruitment center-of-excellence’ to deliver the right people on time

  • A detailed understanding of the client’s business, culture and expectations
  • Four levels of screening before candidates makes it to your inbox
  • Project completion incentives to ensure minimum attrition during the project life cycle
  • Identifying red-flags and skimming away uncommitted candidates
  • Check to ensure congruency in terms of soft skills and attitude checks
  • Training and support assistance during the tenure of the contract
  • Regular follow-ups with clients as well as candidates post placement

US IT Solutions provides more than just Staffing Service Contracts. We specialize in Industries such as: Information Technology, Financial, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities and Government sectors. We help organizations, identify, recruit and select the best talent for either contract or permanent positions. Through targeted staffing services we help organizations derive more value from their investment and better equip them for the competitive business environment of tomorrow.

At US IT Solutions we are focused on improving your business performance through customized workforce solutions, including project-based services. We align our support with your business objectives whether to refine business processes, enhance enterprise-wide collaboration, or transform your industry value chain.


Customized Workforce Solutions

Complete Workforce Solutions
Project Based Staffing Solutions
Payroll Services

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer three engagement models to let you choose the one that is most advantageous to you.

Managed Services

With an “integrated business approach”, we aim to successfully enable organizations to achieve their entire workforce strategy, by partnering and delivering world class talent acquisition and management solutions. Here we not just fulfill staffing needs, but engage throughout the entire employee life cycle - from Acquisition to Exit management.

Staff Augmentation

Our aim to provide you with the best and brightest minds in the business for your short term project needs. This model gives you the flexibility of scaling up or down depending on both “skill” and work and demand.


Our Hybrid model enable our clients to have both an onshore and offshore team. This gives you, our clients the best of both worlds - management and project governance on-shore, with execution offshore. Another cost effective model, the hybrid engagement model gives you the biggest benefit of a single onshore point of contact for managing project resources globally.

Permanent Hiring

with a quick and effective acquisition process that incorporates the latest technologies, our team helps you find the right talent to help you achieve your business goals. For permanent hiring, our reach is global, with a data base of over 200,000 pre vetted candidates across multiple domains and technologies.

Off shore Services

Our offshore model is about cost efficiencies; This model helps you select the best and the bright minds in the industry available at strategic “talent centers” globally. Incorporating latest technologies, management of offshore staff has never been easier and further our centers operate 24 hours, giving you time efficiencies not to mention the ability to quickly scale based on talent demand

Quality Process

Attracting and retaining highly skilled talent has become more challenging and our Quality process enables us to meet your expectations and provide you high Quality services. What makes us different is our mature and proven quality process to ensure highest satisfaction and effectiveness of our Staffing services.

We are focused to provide best quality and value for our customers by thoroughly and carefully assessing the staff we recruit.

Understand the Market:

With our extensive experience in Staffing we have acquired a deep understanding of market that helps us to provide the optimal solution for your requirements and business. We know where to look, what partnerships to foster and how to engage the top talent that you need. We also understand the priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain top talent.

Understand your Customer

Before we provide a staffing solution we focus on really understanding the client’s needs, their business and the work culture. This enables us to come up with a tailor made solution to fit their objectives in the most effective and reliable manner and it also helps us to attract right talent.

Sourcing Strategy and Screening

Our reputation in the Staffing network and thorough screening process, enables us to quickly and effectively attract the best talent. We have developed mature screening, incentives and engagement processes to foster trust and engagement from the professionals we select. Our collaborations tend to be based on a long-term relationship with both companies and the professionals we hire.

Relationship Development

We are committed to provide our clients with continuous customer service and expert insights to ensure the success of our projects and to maintain highest satisfaction of our customers. Many of our customers are referred to us by previous or ongoing collaborations.

Areas of Expertise

Local, State and Federal Government Solutions

US IT Solutions partners with federal, state, and local government agencies by developing and implementing workforce solutions that solve critical talent challenges within the government sector. From Public Works to Administrative Services, US IT Solutions can help you meet your workload challenges, improve efficiency and productivity and control labor costs. We even partner with the public workforce system by helping people with barriers to employment find sustainable, career-track jobs.

Our innovative workforce solutions extend from large scale, end-to-end managed programs, to partnership situations with one or multiple different agencies. We have the industry experience to successfully work within administrative hiring regulations. And, our solutions enhance the public-sector workforce with new skills, capacity and expertise.

IT Technologies

Domains we serve

Our core competency includes Staff Augmentation Services for domains such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, Finance and Accounting along with Banking, Engineering, Scientific & Research, Administrative & Clerical, Heavy Industry, Electronic Assembly and Contact-Center. We deliver consistent service and professional resources.

And Many More


One of the primary sources of our success is taking care of the quality and the dynamic development of our products.

We invest in development to ensure that our products are safe and modern.


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